Unveiling The Valiant’s Signature Cocktails

Unveiling The Valiant’s Signature Cocktails: A Journey of Taste and Experience


At The Valiant, we believe that every cocktail should be an experience, a journey that transports you to a happy place, an escape from the ordinary. Allow us to introduce you to our curated selection of signature cocktails, each designed to evoke emotions, memories, and new discoveries.


Transporting You to a Happy Place:


‘Marine Martini’ – Dive into an Ocean of Flavour Infused with Voir, gin, white vermouth, and tonic, our ‘Marine Martini’ is a serene sip that transports you to tranquil days by the ocean. Let the gentle waves of flavour wash over you as you indulge in life’s simple pleasures.


‘Caribbean Kiss’ – Essence of Paradise Indulge in tropical bliss with our ‘Caribbean Kiss’, a harmonious blend of rums, honey, vanilla, pineapple, lime, and tiki bitters. Close your eyes, and let the exotic flavours whisk you away to sun-drenched shores and vibrant sunsets.


‘Peachy Peak’ – A Journey to Summer Embark on a journey to ‘Peachy Peak’, where tequila, peach, hibiscus, and lime combine to evoke the spirit of a sun-soaked summer day. Sip, savour, and let the flavours of the season dance on your palate.


‘Plage de Vanille’ – Tranquil Vanilla Beach Experience the serenity of ‘Plage de Vanille’, a luxurious blend of white rum, toasted marshmallow, white chocolate, coconut, and tonka. Close your eyes, take a sip, and find yourself transported to a tranquil vanilla beach, where worries melt away.


Inspired by The Valiant:


‘Mona’s Secret’ – The Essence of Elegance and Mystery Capturing the essence of elegance and mystery, ‘Mona’s Secret’ blends gin, muscat, orange blossom, strawberries, raspberries, lemon, and pink pepper. Sip slowly and unravel the layers of sophistication in every flavourful sip.


‘The Gatsby’ – A Taste of Roaring Twenties Glamour Transport yourself to the glamour of the Roaring Twenties with ‘The Gatsby’, a sophisticated fusion of elderflower, lemon myrtle, verjuice, and sparkling wine. Raise a glass to the timeless elegance of Jay Gatsby’s legendary parties.

‘By The Fireplace’ – Embrace Warmth and Comfort Cozy up with ‘By The Fireplace’, a comforting blend of bourbon, apple, cinnamon, amaro, and lime. The warmth of cinnamon, the freshness of apple, and the subtle bitterness of amaro create a perfect harmony of flavours.


‘Hidden Gem’ – Uncover the Mystery and Allure Discover the ‘Hidden Gem’ of our cocktail collection, where blueberry sweetness meets black pepper boldness, topped with a lychee lemon foam. This unique concoction pays homage to The Valiant’s mystique and allure.


Each of these signature cocktails is not just a drink but a narrative, waiting to be explored and savoured at The Valiant. Join us on a journey of taste, sensation, and discovery. Are you ready to dive in and experience the extraordinary?

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