About Us

The Valiant

A exclusive Hideaway in the Heart of Melbourne's Bankers Quarter

Welcome to The Valiant, where sophistication meets intrigue. Discover the best hidden cocktail bar in Melbourne.


Located in the heart of the Bankers Quarter on Little Collins Street, The Valiant is a hidden gem for those seeking an extraordinary escape.

At The Valiant, every cocktail is a story. Our team has meticulously crafted each drink to evoke a unique sensation, ensuring every sip takes you on a journey. Our à la carte menu offers a range of fresh, inventive dishes designed to delight every palate.


We’ve been working tirelessly behind the scenes to create Melbourne’s finest hidden cocktail bar. The centerpiece of our venue is Mona, an artwork by the renowned Melbourne artist Danielle. Her enigmatic gaze perfectly captures the essence of The Valiant – bold, mysterious, and captivating.


Join us at The Valiant, where every corner holds a secret and every moment is an experience.


Are you ready to dive in? If you can find us, of course….