Indulge in a night of decadence on wednesdays with our irresistible Oysters and Caviar Bumps, where luxury meets sexy.

Every Wednesday from 4 PM


$15 Caviar Bump and $15 for a half dozen oysters


Join us every Wednesday at The Valiant for an exquisite evening of indulgence and sophistication.


Our “OYSTERS & CAVIAR BUMPS” night offers the perfect midweek treat with a luxurious twist. Enjoy premium caviar and fresh oysters, all in the refined and vibrant setting of our venue.

Oysters and caviar bumps, a taste so fine,
Indulge in luxury, sip martinis, unwind.

What to Expect:


  • Luxurious Ambiance: Immerse yourself in the opulent atmosphere of The Valiant, where elegance meets comfort. Our stylish décor and intimate setting create the backdrop for a perfect night.


  • Caviar & Oysters: Delight in the rich flavours of our $15 Caviar Bump, paired perfectly with a half dozen of the freshest oysters for just $15. This exquisite combination is designed to excite your taste buds (& maybe you too?) whilst elevating your dining experience.


  • Engaging Atmosphere: Enjoy the sophisticated and lively environment, ideal for a midweek break. Whether you’re catching up with friends or enjoying a romantic evening, our “OYSTERS & CAVIAR BUMPS” night offers the perfect setting for a memorable night out.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive weekly event. Invite your friends and make Wednesdays at The Valiant a night to remember. Whether you’re a connoisseur of fine foods or simply looking to treat yourself to something special, this is the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to your week.


See you on Wednesday for a night of indulgence and elegance at The Valiant! Enjoy the finest caviar and oysters, and make your midweek truly exceptional.

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