The Story Of The Golden Disco Balls

A Dream in Disco… In the quiet hours of the night, when the world outside is enveloped in darkness and calm, Simon Kouba’s mind is buzzing with ideas. It’s 3 AM, and as he gazes at the ceiling, a spark of inspiration ignites. How can The Valiant, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of […]

The Secret Recipe || “BY THE FIREPLACE”

CAN YOU taste the fire? Embrace the Cozy Warmth of “By the Fireplace” at The Valiant   At The Valiant, we believe that a cocktail isn’t just a drink—it’s an experience. And there’s no better way to showcase this philosophy than with our crowd-pleaser, “By the Fireplace.” Imagine a crisp, cool evening, and you’ve just […]

The Valiant Sent Melbourne on a Scavenger Hunt

As the sun dipped below Melbourne’s skyline, Tess dashed through the city’s alleys…. …Clutching vouchers like prized treasures. Each envelope held a promise—a ticket to the mysterious Valiant, hidden in plain sight. The first set of vouchers vanished swiftly, discovered by eager treasure hunters in unexpected nooks of Melbourne’s laneways and parks. Despite Tess’s cunning […]

A Opening Night to Remember at The Valiant

An Opening Night to Remember at The Valiant As the Marketing Manager of The Valiant, Tess had poured her heart and soul into organizing the opening night with the Valiant team. Weeks of meticulous planning and anticipation had led to this moment, yet she couldn’t help but feel a twinge of nervous excitement. Would everything […]


Unveiling the Secrets Behind the SPICY MORTADELLA PANINO At The Valiant, we take pride in creating dishes that tantalize your taste buds and leave a lasting impression. One of our most beloved menu items is the SPICY MORTADELLA PANINO. Today, we’re excited to share the recipe with you so you can recreate this delicious sandwich […]

Meet the Team: The Visionaries Behind The Valiant

Meet the Team: The Visionaries Behind The Valiant At The Valiant, we pride ourselves on not just our exceptional drinks and unforgettable atmosphere but also on the incredible team that brings it all together. Get to know Simon, Elliot, and Florian, the masterminds who make The Valiant an extraordinary place. Simon Kouba – The Visionary […]


“SUNDAY SERVICE” SUNDAY Bottomless Brunch at The Valiant Indulge in Melbourne’s Most Exciting Brunch Experience. Get ready to elevate your weekends with The Valiant’s exclusive Boozy & Boujee Bottomless Brunch. Gather your friends and join us for a decadent affair filled with delicious bites, indulgent drinks, and an atmosphere that promises both sophistication and fun. […]


Celebrate in Style with “The Birthday Party” at The Valiant Make Your Birthday Unforgettable Turn your special day into an extraordinary celebration with The Valiant’s exclusive birthday package, “The Birthday Party.” For just $95 per person, enjoy two hours of indulgence, fantastic food, and free-flowing drinks that will make your birthday one to remember. Book […]


Celebrate in Style with “The BACHELORETTE Party” at The Valiant Get ready to celebrate your last fling before the ring! Ready to discover the perfect way to celebrate with The Valiant’s exclusive “The Bachelorette Party” package. For just $99 per person, indulge in two hours of fabulous food, free-flowing drinks, and unforgettable memories with your […]